• Artistic rendering of a 2/3 pyramidal cell (red) and its local presynaptic network (green). Image: B. Roska / D. J. Müller.
  • Wednesday 17 August 2016

    For members only: Lunch Meeting with Keith Carroll from the Dürig-Group, 12.15 @ Misrock, D-BSSE. Rei Morikawa-Kanamori will introduce Keith.

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  • SeminBar: 20 Sept. @ Jays

    Follow this public seminar at the bar on Facebook. It features international lecturers on molecular systems engineering: Prof. Dr. Cees Dekker (Delft University of Technology) will talk about Nanotechnology. > more

  • MSE Poster-Cup 2016

    Fellow Retreat 2016
    The fellows attending the retreat voted for the best scientific poster on the research done for the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering. Gotthold Fläschner (Müller-Group) followed 2015-winner Ralph Stoop (Calame-Group). > more

  • Fellow Retreat 2016

    Fellow Retreat in Magglingen in April 2016.

    20 - 22 April 2016 in Magglingen
    NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering members exchanged ideas and reported on the progress of the research-projects. > More here.

  • SeminBar: 30 Nov. @ Jays

    Follow this public seminar at the bar on Facebook. It features international lecturers on molecular systems engineering: Prof. Tony Ryan (University of Sheffield/UK) will talk about '3 Millenia of Condoms'. > more

  • MOLEKULAR-ia Vol. 2

    The February 2016-issue of our Newsletter "MOLEKULAR-ia" is out now. Read the interview with the Benenson-Group who have a fascinating new paper out, and find information on upcoming NCCR- and other events, scientific-papers and much more.

  • Events Program 2016

    The pocket-sized Events Program 2016 of the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering is available for download or can be ordered. It lists all of the public events of 2016, as well as the platforms that are exclusively for members and scientists to share and exchange knowledge and ideas.

What is Molecular Systems Engineering?

Combining the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics with bioinformatics and engineering, the goal is to engineer and to combine molecular modules to design “molecular factories”. These molecular factories will be used for industrial production or to control cellular systems in health and disease. 
> more in English
> auf D: Molecular Systems Eng.

New Head NCCR MSE and new PIs

In March 2016, Prof. Wolfgang Meier transfered the leadership of the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering to Prof. Thomas R. Ward. Read more here.

New NCCR-PIs Konrad TiefenbacherMichael Nash and Randall Platt.

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Public Events


  • 20 Sept.: Cees Dekker
  • 30 Nov.: Tony Ryan

Basar Molekular: 27 Oct.@ Sud

For Members only

Monthly Lunch Meetings

NCCR-members: Please check the "Fellows Web" for more info.


Chimia issue on 'Molecular Systems Engineering' out: Read Chimia 6/2016 with 12 scientific articles by various research groups from the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering and an editorial by the directors. More News here.


New publications by members

  • 19/6/2016: An amphiphilic graft copolymer-based nanoparticle platform for reduction-responsive anticancer and antimalarial drug delivery.
  • 29/6/2016: Chimia issue on 'Molecular Systems Engineering'.
  • 23/5/2016: How to design an unnatural protein with new-to-nature capabilities.
  • 10/5/2016: Label-Free FimH Protein Interaction Analysis Using Silicon Nanoribbon BioFETs.
  • 6/5/2016: Implementing Silicon Nanoribbon Field-Effect Transistors as Arrays for Multiple Ion Detection.
  • 2/5/16: Spatiotemporal dynamics of the nuclear pore complex transport barrier resolved by high-speed atomic force microscopy.