• Basar Molekular: 27 Oct.@SUD

    SUD, Basel, 27 Oct., 7.20 pm, with Andrea Schenker-Wicki, rector University of Basel; Henryk M. Broder, publicist; Verena A. Briner, retired board member Novartis; Viola Vogel, project leader NCCR. Music: Pink Pedrazzi. With Apéro! Join us live at Sud in Basel or hear the broadcast on your radio-station. > more 
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  • MOLEKULAR-ia Vol. 3

    The October 2016-issue of our newsletter "MOLEKULAR-ia" is out now (Vol. 3). Read the interview with PI Rod Lim who talks about the challenge of making the better coffee, and find lots of information on upcoming events, scientific-papers, going out in Basel, and much more.

  • SeminBar: 30 Nov. @ Jays

    Follow this public seminar at the bar on Facebook. It features international lecturers on molecular systems engineering: Prof. Tony Ryan (University of Sheffield/UK) will talk about '3 Millenia of Condoms'. > more

  • Wednesday 16 Nov. 2016

    For members only: Lunch Meeting with Stephan Hirschi from the Fotiadis-Group, 12.15 @ Misrock, D-BSSE. Anna Deplazes-Zemp will introduce Stephan.

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  • ICMSE Conference 27-29.8.17

    Read more about the program here!

  • Artistic rendering of a 2/3 pyramidal cell (red) and its local presynaptic network (green). Image: B. Roska / D. J. Müller.

International Conference 2017

27 - 29 Aug. 2017: ICMSE, the International Conference on Molecular Systems Engineering (click for more info), is a biennial conference focussing on new developments in molecular systems engineering. It will feature speakers and participants from leading international research institutions. Save the date now

The ICMSE Pre-Conference for students and postdocs will take place on 26 & 27 August 2017.

What is Molecular Systems Engineering?

Combining the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics with bioinformatics and engineering, the goal is to engineer and to combine molecular modules to design “molecular factories”. These molecular factories will be used for industrial production or to control cellular systems in health and disease. 
> more in English
> auf D.: Molecular Syst. Eng.

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  • 30 Nov.: Tony Ryan
  • 25 Jan. 2017: Dirk Trauner
  • 29 March 2017: Thomas Heinemann
  • 2 Nov. 2017: Brad Hyman

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Molekular-ia Vol. 3: The October 2016-issue of our newsletter is out now. Read the interview with PI Rod Lim who talks about the challenge of making better coffee, and find lots of information on upcoming events, scientific-papers, going out in Basel, and much more. Previous issues can be read here.

Art of Molecule

Posters designed by young scientist from this NCCR and artists from the "Zürcher Hochsule der Künste" (ZHdK). > here


New publications by members

  • 29/8/16: Bringing artificial enzymes closer to nature.
  • 25/7/2016: Synthetic Biology: Engineering a Chemical Switch into a Light-driven Proton Pump.
  • 19/7/2016: An amphiphilic graft copolymer-based nanoparticle platform for reduction-responsive anticancer and antimalarial drug delivery.
  • 29/6/2016: Chimia issue on 'Molecular Systems Engineering'.


Chimia on Molecular Systems Engineering: Read Chimia 6/2016 with 12 scientific articles by various research groups from the NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering and an editorial by the directors.

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